Pool Hours Lifeguard - Mon-Sun 12-6PM ** Swim at Own Risk - 8AM-12PM | 6PM-10PM (Minors must be accompanied by adult member 18+)
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Pool Hours and Rules

Cricket Swim & Racquet Club pool hours vary depending on the time of year. On this page, you’ll find details for summer hours through the day before Gwinnett County Schools open, from the first day of Gwinnett County Schools through Labor Day, and all other hours when a lifeguard is not on duty.

Please review the Cricket Swim & Racquet Club pool rules before visiting the pool.

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Summer hours through the day before Gwinnett County schools start

Lifeguard on Duty

Monday through Sunday – 12 PM to 6 PM

Swim at Your Own Risk – No Lifeguard on Duty 8am-12pm , 6pm-10pm (Members only , minors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult member OVER 18)



 1)      Guests must be accompanied by the inviting member. Children under 10 years old who are guests must be accompanied by an adult member.

2)      Previous members of CSRC that have not reinstated their membership from the previous year may not come to the pool as a guest.

3)      Limit of two (2) guests per member daily.

4)      Individual guests are limited to five visits to the pool per year.


During normal pool hours, children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by a caregiver who is at least 15 years old. Proof of age for caretakers MUST be presented upon request by lifeguard and/or board members.

1)      Children 10 to 12 years old entering the pool unaccompanied by an adult must, to the satisfaction of the pool manager and/or lifeguard, be able to:

    • swim 2 lengths of the pool without touching the bottom
    • tread water for 1 ½ minutes in the deep end of the pool
    • go off diving board and swim to the ladder

A notation of the child having passed the test will be made on the membership roster in the pump room.

2)      Only bathing suits are permitted in the pool – no cut offs are allowed

3)      Disposable diapers are not permitted in the pool; untrained children are required to wear rubber pants beneath their swim suits.

4)      No animals will be permitted in the pool area.

5)      No food may be consumed within 5 feet of the pool. No beverages in glass containers are allowed anywhere “inside the pool area,” which is defined as the fenced-in area surrounding the pool, concrete and decks.

6)      No smoking within 10 feet of the pool. Additionally the covered deck area and lifeguard stand side of the pool are designated as no smoking areas. Smokers must be at least 18 years of age and should always use cigarette urns and ashtrays that are provided for this purpose.

7)      Beach balls are permitted in the pool only. No hard type balls are allowed.

8)      Trash receptacles are provided for your use. Please do not throw trash on the ground.

9)      No hairpins or metal objects are allowed in the pool.

10)  Use of life preservers, small rafts, or floats will be left up to the lifeguard on duty.

11)  Children with flotation devices are not allowed to go off the diving board or swim in the deep end.

12)  No skateboards or bicycles inside the pool gate.

13)  Unnecessary conversation with or annoyance of the lifeguard while on duty will not be permitted.


 1)      Get out of the pool as soon as thunder is heard or lightning observed.

2)      No running or horseplay in the pool area.

3)      No pushing or throwing anyone in the pool.

4)      Divers should be sure the pool is clear below the diving area before making a dive.

5)      Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time.

6)      No diving is allowed in the shallow end of the pool.

7)      No jumping from lifeguard stand.

8)      In case of emergency use the pool phone and dial 911.

9)      Persons with fevers, infections, or communicable diseases are not permitted in the pool.

10)  Do not prop open the gate entering the pool area. The gate must be securely latched at all times. It presents a serious hazard if propped open and could result in the pool being closed by Gwinnett County.


1)      A member can purchase a key for $25 from the designated pool committee chair after a brief training session on how to properly light the pool and surrounding area and how to close and lock the gates after leaving the pool premises. Members must have pool keys in order to use facilities during swim at own risk hours.

2)      No one may swim in the pool alone. Adult swimmers must be accompanied by a “buddy”, swimming or not, who is at least 15 years old. This is for your own safety in case of a water or poolside emergency.

3)      No one under the age of 18 is permitted in the pool or pool area during swim at your own risk hours without an adult member of the club. This is for your safety and security of the facilities.

4)      Adults should never go outside the pool gate leaving a child alone in the pool area.


1)      Property or furnishings shall not be removed from the Club premises without prior approval from the Board.

2)      Members will be responsible to the Club for any dents, damage, and breakage caused by misuse by them or their guest(s). All members are responsible for their guest(s).


1)      Cricket Swim & Racquet Club is not responsible for lost articles.

2)      Abusive or foul language shall not be allowed on Club premises at any time.

3)      No member or guest shall reprimand or discipline any pool employee, but shall bring his complaint to a member of the Board or Pool Committee. 


 1)      All rules and regulations are approved by the Board of Directors.

2)      All members shall assist in the enforcement of the rules and regulations and shall report all infractions and violations to the Board or Pool Committee Chairperson.

3)      The pool manager or lifeguard on duty will have the authority to enforce any and all rules and regulations and expel any person violating these from the pool.

4)      Expulsion from the pool will be reported to the President of the Board of Directors or Pool Committee Chairperson.

5)      Expulsion from the pool will result in suspension of pool privileges as follows:

  • 1st expulsion: 1 day suspension from the pool
  • 2nd expulsion: 3 days suspension from the pool
  • 3rd expulsion: 1 week suspension from the pool
  • 4th expulsion: 1 month suspension from the pool
  • 5th expulsion: remainder of summer suspension from the pool

Any guest expelled from the pool may not return to the pool for the remainder of the summer.

6)      The Board of Directors and/or the Pool Committee Chairperson reserves the right to use any of the above suspensions depending on the severity of the infraction.